Cape Town, South Africa – 25 April 2016

Proper Film has partnered with Kayos Casting Directors (Cape Town) and The FigJam Agency (Johannesburg) as casting commences on Jenna Bass’s All-Female Western Adventure FLATLAND.

After several years of active development and exploration, FLATLAND has turned another corner and reached another milestone as it readies itself for its journey to the big screen. Writer/Director Jenna Bass will helm a promotional shoot for the film later this year as casting nears completion for the four leading roles: lonely policewoman Beauty Cuba, Beauty’s former lover and serial-convict Billy Duiker, painfully-shy and newly-married murderer Natalie Jonkers and her heavily-pregnant teenage accomplice Poppie van Niekerk.

Following completion of casting in Cape Town and Johannesburg, through the expert guidance and support from casting directors Monique Murray and Belinda Kruger; the production team will set its sights on street-casting many of the supporting roles with both semi-professional and non-actors from urban centres as well as in the rural towns of the Karoo semi-desert where most of the film is set.

FLATLAND is a contemporary-set, all-female western-adventure that tells the story of a lonely policewoman longing to reunite with her fugitive boyfriend; while simultaneously tasked with a murder investigation that has a newly-married former housekeeper and a heavily-pregnant teen as prime suspects. Helped and hindered along the way by an ensemble of wayward denizens, the unlikely trio soon become embroiled in a cross-country chase as they navigate the Karoo semi-desert in freezing winter, at times on horseback, all the while in search of a new life and fresh start. This journey of self-discovery, for these three different but equally desperate women, paints a vivid and unique portrait of femininity against a harsh frontier-land and questions what it means to be a woman in contemporary South Africa and the world at large.

Stay tuned for the announcements as we reveal the talent set to portray these uniquely crafted roles.

L E A R N   M O R E